We provide expertise and professional solutions for the toughest problems in web service development. Whether you're designing a web service API, fostering a development platform, building a rich internet application, or serving web functionality to a mobile application, we've got the competence and experience you need to leverage.

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Featured Product: Enunciate

Enunciate is an engine for creating, maintaining, and deploying your rich Web service API on the Java platform. Enunciate will take your Web service API and enhance it by generating documentation and client-side source code for a myriad of different platforms ranging from RIA to desktop to mobile application development.

Featured Product: OFX4J

OFX4J is an implentation of the Open Financial eXchange web service specification for the Java platform. It provides both a client-side and a server-side solution to implementing financial web service operations.

Featured Product: OAuth for Spring Security

OAuth for Spring Security is an implentation of the OAuth specification for the Spring framework. OAuth is a mechanism for accessing a user's data hosted by an online service, without compromising the user's credentials. This mechanism is gaining support from big players such as Google, Netflix and Twitter.